Feed The Party is an industry secret. A special club where you can buy bulk meats for wholesale prices just like restaurants do, minus the membership fee. Their philosophy is simple, to keep costs down and pass the savings on to their customers. They want to make the party planning a little easier and affordable for you! Whether you're a party of one, two or ten, the mission is the same; to provide you with the best products and superior service at a fair price. 

In addition to buying/shipping high quality meat in bulk, Feed The Party wanted to create frozen two packs of their best selling steaks and pork chops to sell in small grocery chains across the US. We developed a bold and colorful package design, with two product windows to show off their high quality meat. The background of the package is a fun meat-inspired pattern paired with a bold font combination to make it stand out on the shelf.

Images provided by Feed The Party.

Scope: Package Design, Patternwork, Brand Collateral

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