Tasting Merchants is the farmer's market of the wine world! They seek out the best vineyards in America and bring their handcrafted wines straight to your door. All of their wines are farmed naturally and produced in small batches to ensure high quality and complex flavors. Tasting Merchants works with small-batch wines specifically, meaning 5,000 cases or less produced.

We kept this crafted idea in mind while developing their branding. We designed their logos with slight letter manipulations to make them feel more custom, yet refined. Wine-related patternwork and graphic elements that feature minimal texture imperfections were also created. We made a special monogram that features an illustrated corkscrew component to really bring the wine aspect back in. When you combine all of these details with an earthly color palette of cream, charcoal, copper and green, you've definitely struck perfection.

Scope: Logo design, Brand collateral, Pattern Design, Package Design

Lifestyle imagery provided by Tasting Merchants.

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